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Miraculous Trend In The History Of Indian Business Startups

miraculous trend in the history of indian business startups

“Success is not an easy come. It cost huge dedication.”

No one was believed to have a stream of funded startups campaign whether it is initiated under the influence of “Make In India”-startup ecosystem or somebody just left the job and push their skills into a new business setup.

“An Entrepreneur has a more enthusiastic way to establish their own business.”

Several reasons also supporting startups India– Easy accessibility for the bank loan and fundraising and Government role to push through competitive as well as the selective business idea to make come true an individual small business model.

1) 9Stacks

Founders: Sudhir Kamath, Pratik Kumar, Abhinav Nigam, and Rishab Mathur.

Land all poker lovers under one roof and ready to bring easy accessibility for online bidding. You can start your game with 9 stacks of poker chips.


Founders: Ravi Shankar and Parikshit Paspulati

It brings you more handy and valuable banking services. In Spite of making the conversation more robotic, they are offering human touch conversational banking facilities devoid of doubt-free and more convenient.

3) AEON Learning

Founders: Karthik KS and Vikalp Jain

An online educational portal for getting valuable improvement in working professional. At the same time, you are working and worried about the promotion i.e., still halted due to lack of certification and certification. Come and enrolled in the best university-based educational program.

4) airplay

Founders: Kunal Jhunjhunwala, Amit Kapoor, and Rohan Deshpande

Online money transactions for daily needfulness while you are looking for online payment for e-commerce shopping platforms and for the consumption of retail services. Airplay visions to offer you a simple and secure transaction platform.

5) ALTBalaji

Founders: Balaji Telefilms

On-demand entertainment is the USP of ALTBalaji as they are having an original source as well as a huge range of shows and movies. You will definitely admire their work in this competitive scenario.

6) Ask Arvi

Founders: Sushant Reddy and Alok Tiwari

One of the unique ways to define the insurance sector in terms of the genuine relationship of a life partner. Ask Arvi to drive you an amazing experience of an automatic system for finding a valuable insurance plan on your smartphone itself.

7) Avishkaar Box

Its name directly support the incredible feature as it is ready to provide you a valuable service
The platform order to create product simulators and enabling students to explore their imagination and expand their minds.

8) Biryani By Kilo

Founders: Kaushik Roy, Ritesh Sinha and Vishal Jindal

Delivering one of the most delicious food, “Biryani”-(mobile app) mouthwatering taste make this brand number one choice for online food order website. At Zomato, you can check out Biryani By Kilo with a 4.0 rating business in India. Book your wide range of orders online with Zomato! fast!Easy Delivery.

9) Blowhorn

Founders: Nikhil Shivaprasad and Mithun Srivatsa

People are changing their living/working places accordingly and at the same time did not able to find one of the valuable transportation service providers. Blowhorn is one of the best startups to offer you hassle-free traveling at an affordable price.

10) Boltt Sports Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founders: Aayushi Kishore and Arnav Kishore

It’s great to calculate your fitness score and monitor your health—timely health updates for improving your fitness with the emerging concept of health and technology.

11) Boxx.Ai

Founders: Ajay Kashyap, Prakhar Raj, and Shitiz Bansal

Secure valuable time and money with the implication of artificial intelligence. Boxx.Ai is one of the leading startup companies to making you available advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence services.

12) Cash Suvidha

Founders: Anoop Garg and Rajesh Gupta

One of its own kinda cash within a minute concept. Ready to fund you within 3 days on the basis of your valuable idea and needfulness.

13) CallHealth

Founder: Sandhya Raju

With the emerging technology evolving in the healthcare sector, now! Ready to deliver you one of the best online healthcare services under your fingertips.

14) Chimple Learning

Founder: Srikanth Talapadi

It’s new to learn things by amusing stories and mind-blowing games that definitely keep making you interested to learn new skills and acknowledge your future goals. Simply learning is one of the Bangalore-based startups that took the initiative to learn with a fun concept.

15) Clip

Founder: Nav Agrawal

If you love to watch funny videos and would like to share the same, Download the android application-Clip and enjoy your days and bring together smiles on one another face.

16) CoWrks

Founder: Sidharth Menda

Startups are looking for working space and necessary facilities to work in 24×7 hours working environment. Bangalore-based Cowrks is ready to offer you a coworking and amazing prime location for further assistance.

17) CrediFiable

Founder: Presha Paragraph

A most valuable source of emergency money for a salaried person. You can make accessibility of personal loans in a single click with your final EMI within 5 minutes.

18) Credit

Founders: Harshit Vaishnav and Pratish Gandhi

It is a meetup platform for investors and borrowers. It is one of the leading startups of its own kind.

19) CureFit

Founders: Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal

There is no more confusion for matching your health-related FAQs. Completely manage your health and end to end healthcare service provider.

20) Doctor Insta

Founder: Amit Munjal

Under the casual and emergency, you no need to worried at all, unable to get up from bed no worries: Doctor Insta offer you video call, online chat facility to manage your healthcare.

21) Drivezy

Founders: Abhishek Mahajan, Amit Sahu, Ashwarya Singh, Vasant Verma

Do need rental vehicle range under at affordable rates. Save your huge money and happiness while you travel with Driverzy.

22) Dunzo

Founders: Ankur Aggarwal, Dalvir Suri, Kabeer Biswas and Mukund Jha

Online delivery of an order at your esteemed destination. Frequent, highly responsible source to track your online delivery. Download an android application and enjoy the hassle-free transportable facility.

23) Eatigo

Founders: Judy Tan, Michael Cluzel, Pumin Yuvacharuskul and Siddhanta Kothari

If you would like to have food at a discount-Eatigo is the best online port to get registered in order to avail yourself of discount coupons on online food orders as Eatigo is a partner with millions of diners so you will never miss the chance to have delicious food at discounted rates.

24) Ecom Express

Founders: K. Satyanarayana, Manju Dhawan, Sanjeev Saxena and T. A. Krishnan

For an e-commerce website, Ecom Express is one of the most reliable and authentic sources to integrate expressway to deliver online shopping orders.

25) East India Comedy (EIC)

One of the leading comedian platforms. People do visit to make their anxiety set free and take an infectious smile and mindful exposure of laughter pain. Enjoy sarcastic and real-time laughter kick.

26) ERA

Founders: Karmaditya Bagga, Priyansha Jain and Ajay Vishnu

Safe and secure way to share your identity with ERA all across the world. It is the first Indian startup to integrate your identity.

27) Fella Homes

Founders: Amit Gupta, Digendra Singh Rathore, Kunal Singh, Virender Pratap Singh, and Yadwinder Paul Singh

Looking for a rental home and shared space to living in your desired place? Enquire at Fella Homes and check out your hassle-free and quality living space.

28) Filmygyan

Founder: Aftab Khan

Most of the time, you did not know whose idea to create the filmy meme, and you would like to share the same. The filmygyan team is behind these amusing memes and making our lives masaledaar.

29) Fingerlix

Founder: Shree Bharambe

Deliver you delicious and tasty food all the time and especially while you are going to traveling professionals. Enjoy Food! Travel and Profession!

30) Flintobox

Founders: Arunprasad Durairaj, Shreenidhi Srirangam, and Vijay Gandhi

With the vision of making available holistic education of children. And serving happiness every month, ensuring well education to among the children.

31) Flochat

Founders: Aahana Mulla, Prateek Lal and Yuvraj Bhalla

It is a single platform to offer you the accessibility of some other mobile applications like Ola, Zomato, and some others.

32) Flock

Founder: Bhavin Turakhia

A faster and convenient way to communicate. Flock strengthening 25,000 companies and its valuable customers as well. Reducing the in-person meeting time and enhancing business operations as well.

Note: Following list of companies according to the Alphabetic order.

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